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Filton Hill School

Year 6

                 Welcome to our Year 6 page!




 We learned how to contact the emergency services during our life skills trip... although the operator sounds very familiar...















Year 6 DT

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Year 6 have been working especially hard since before Christmas designing, making prototypes and redesigning their boats for our Exploration theme.

Created: 21 Jan 20 07:24 | Last modified: 21 Jan 20 07:26

Year 6 Lifeskills Trip 2019

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Year 6 had a great afternoon at the Create Centre in Bristol. They had to navigate tricky situations that they may come across as they continue to grow up - this involved ringing 999 with some familiar sounding emergency service workers!

Created: 11 Nov 19 13:48 | Last modified: 11 Nov 19 13:54

Year 6 Curriculum - Global Citizen

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It's the first day back and Year 6 have been exploring their topic, which they begun in Term 6 in Year 5, from another viewpoint: people, trade and migration.

Created: 4 Sep 19 15:07 | Last modified: 4 Sep 19 15:54

Year 6 Curriculum - Global Citizen

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It's the first day back and Year 6 have already been exploring an alternative viewpoint of global citizenship, focusing on globalisation, migration and trade.

Created: 4 Sep 19 15:04 | Last modified: 4 Sep 19 15:04