Filton Hill School

Working With You

We welcome parents/carers in school

We feel very privileged to have such supportive parents; your input and feedback is greatly valued.

We communicate with you in a variety of ways, via texts, emails, regular newsletters, questionnaires, workshops and informal events, Parents’ Evenings and other events where the work and achievements of pupils is showcased. Staff will always be happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns you may have.

We know that children learn best in a well-organised, calm and secure environment with high standards of behaviour. We want every child in our school to feel confident, happy and safe. As a caring school we have the high expectations for pupils’ learning, behaviour and attitudes; we encourage our children to develop pride in their achievements. 

You will receive regular reports on your child’s progress achievements; this may take the form of a written report, or a meeting with their class teacher. Between those meetings, teachers invite you to contact them to ask any questions you may have or to arrange a meeting.

We welcome any voluntary help that parents feel they can give during the school day.  Please see the class teachers or come to the office.  We have several parents, who come in to listen to children read or just help generally in the class.

Parents' Evenings

We hold a parents evening in the Autumn to discuss how your child is settling in their new class and to discuss targets for the year. In the Spring, we hold another meeting to discuss your child’s progress. There is a formal written report in the Summer and if you wish to discuss the report in more detail, please arrange to meet with the teacher. 

Class teachers are always willing to discuss any issues or problems you may have at a time convenient to you both.

Friends of Filton Hill

We have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and if you are interested in becoming involved or are free to help with certain events throughout the year e.g. cinema night and discos, then please let Mrs Clark or the office know or email us  We'd love to hear from you!

Our most recent OFSTED report states:

"Filton Hill is a welcoming, caring school. Staff make every effort to ensure that any obstacles to learning that are placed in the way of its pupils are overcome. There is a very positive atmosphere in classrooms and teachers have consistently high expectations of pupils. Pupils respond with enthusiasm and eagerness and most are happy learners, relishing all that the school has to offer them."


Anyone who has a concern should contact either their child’s class teacher or Mrs Clark.

If the matter cannot be resolved in this way the school has a set of procedures in place to ensure that your concern is resolved. Please ask the school office for a copy of the Complaints Procedure.