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Attendance and Holidays

At Olympus Academy Trust we are passionate about attendance because being in school regularly really does matter! 

Building habits of regular attendance ensures that your child enjoys all of the many benefits that school brings, such as, opportunities for learning and making progress, as well as wider personal development opportunities like enjoying different enrichment clubs and sports or creative clubs. 

Making connections everyday with other children and staff also builds belonging, which we believe is an essential component of a healthy, happy child. 


Parent/Carer Guide to Attendance


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Where any parent or carer has concerns about their child’s attendance, we really want to hear from you so that we can work together to reduce absence from school. We know that for some children, returning to school and the routine of learning has been more difficult- please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

If you wish to take your child out of school during term time, you must book an appointment with the office to meet with Mrs Clark to explain the reasons behind this.

Exceptional circumstance:

Head teachers can only authorise leave of absence in exceptional circumstances, and evidence would be required in each case:

  • If a parent is service personnel and is returning from a tour of duty abroad where it is evidenced the individual will not be in receipt of any leave in the near future that coincides with school holidays;
  • Where an absence from school is recommended by a health professional as part of a parent or child’s rehabilitation from a medical or emotional issue;
  • The death or terminal illness of a close relative, only if Head teacher is satisfied that the circumstances are truly exceptional;
  • Out of school programmes such as music, arts or sport operating at a high standard of achievement;
  • Religious observance – The Education Act 1996, states “On any day exclusively set apart for religious observance by the religious body to which his/her parent belongs”;
  • To attend a wedding or funeral of a close relative, if the Head teacher is satisfied that the circumstances are truly exceptional; 

If the school grants a leave request, it will be for the Head teacher to determine the length of time that the child can be away from school.

When considering exceptional term time leave requests, the following factors may help to reach a decision:

  • Time of the year when the leave has been requested;
  • Number of school days to be missed;
  • The child’s current attendance and punctuality;
  • Exceptional leave taken in previous years;
  • Have alternative care arrangements been considered by the parent/carer to limit the time away from school;
  • Impact on any interventions, assessments or referrals being undertaken with the child or family e.g. family support, social care assessments, CAMHS, SEN etc;
  • The impact that the absence will have on the child; and
  • Whether it falls within any key stage national tests or exams.


Circumstances NOT considered as exceptional:

  • Holidays abroad for the purpose of visiting a relative, excepting where that person is seriously ill. Medical evidence may be requested.
  • Holidays taken in term time due to lower cost/parental work commitments.

Please be aware if absence is taken after being refused, it will be classed as an unauthorised absence and may trigger a fine.

Fixed penalty notices information PDF

Attendance matters leaflet

Attendance Policy

Attendance Phases

Guidance for granting absence during term time

Absence Request Form

Procedures for reporting absence:

Please call 01454 866 559 if your child is going to be late or absent by 9.15am.  We expect dental appointments to place during the holidays.