Filton Hill School

Online Safety


We recognise that being online is an important part of life for our students, not just as part of education, but for social interaction, leisure and creative expression.

We ensure all our students are given regular e-safety training in discrete PSHEE lessons, as part of their Computing Curriculum, during core days at Post 16 and in assemblies. In this training we cover:

  • Online reputations
  • Cyberbullying
  • Access to inappropriate materials (such as pornography and violence)
  • Sexting and sharing images
  • Sharing personal information



 Parents and e-safety

As parents, we often assume our children know more than us about IT, because many of them spend so much time using it. However, what they don’t know more about is how to be safe, make sound judgements about social interactions and how to get themselves out of a tricky or scary situation.

Although we cover online safety extensively at school, conversations at home are by far the most effective method of protecting our children. Knowing they can turn to someone at home if they make a mistake or if they are unsure about anything can help prevent situations escalating into a more major problem.

There are lots of helpful resources online to support parents with having conversations about online safety. We have gathered together a handful below that contain excellent resources to help you.


Click here to enter our Online Safety Hub  

Helpful Social Media Guides

It is really important that we get students to think about how much of their lives are spent online and the impact this can have on their sleep, mental health and self-confidence. We recently surveyed students and it showed that our students spend more time online that other young people in the South West -  some of the other headline results showed:

  • 40% of students say they spend more than 5 hours per day at the weekend on social media
  • 75% of students say they use social media everyday
  • 58% of students said they use social media in the 30 minutes before going to sleep

We all need to help our children control their amount of screen time, as they are not good at doing that for themselves. However, getting them off devices can be a difficult battle. If you would like further information on how to set parental controls or more information on how it can impact on us, please see the links below.