The Olympus Academy Trust is committed to delivering an outstanding education for young people, ensuring that our students have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and learning opportunities.

We work in close partnership with our schools, ensuring that we facilitate the sharing of best practice and provide access to a wide range of partners and resources for the benefit of our students and the wider community. Visit our website here or follow us on Twitter @olympustrust.

Filton Hill School

Welcome to Filton Hill Primary School

Our school is a small and caring primary school in the heart of the community.  We have excellent outdoor facilities and offer a range of opportunities for the children e.g. Breakfast club, free after school clubs and music tuition.

We have an inclusive culture and aim to be a high achieving school, where all children get the very best out of school life - both academically and socially.  We have strong teaching and support staff who are committed to our vision


‘Together we Achieve’

We have an exciting but rigorous curriculum, to ensure that children get excellent teaching in the basics, as well as having fun in their learning. The teachers often start a new topic with a school trip in order to inspire the children. 

For our youngest children, the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum provides a sound basis for learning in English, Mathematics and Science, whilst prioritising the social and emotional needs of the children.  Try to visit our Reception Class if you can – you will be impressed at the levels of independent learning, as well as the superb learning environment.


Parents and carers are always welcome in school and we aim to be as open as possible in our communications.  We will always respond to your concerns, and we welcome your ideas.

We would love you to visit our school; we believe you will be impressed by our high expectations, the quality of teaching, our bright and stimulating learning environment, and our motivated and well-behaved pupils.

We look forward to seeing you at Filton Hill.

With best wishes

Kirsten Lemming