Filton Hill School

Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do

From the second they are born, children begin to form their own opinions and views of the world. Since children spend a significant amount of their time at school, we feel it should be a place that  supports families’ and communities’ efforts to establish strong values in our children, so they may grow up to be caring, confident and respectful adults.

At Filton, over the years we have consulted with parents, carers, staff and children to agree the values we wished to foster in the school and instil in the children. We explore different school values in assemblies and PSHE lessons.


Our school vision is: Together We Achieve



Our school values are:

Ready, Respectful, Safe

Children are encouraged to reflect on how they can be 'ready, respectful and safe' in all aspects of the school day. 


How parents/carers can help

Please ask your child about:

The Values

Can they name them? Can they explain what they mean? Can they demonstrate them?


Throughout the year, assemblies will focus on different values. Can they tell you what they were about? Did they set a challenge?

Home Learning

Sometimes, home learning activities will make explicit reference to the value being promoted that term. Can they complete the task? Have they shown excellence in completing their homework?

Can you ‘catch’ your child demonstrating the values outside of school?